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Editorial Note: double entendres such as “ultra-slim” and “type A” notwithstanding – among others that shall here remain unmentioned – the following description should not be confused with a personal ad seeking love and romance. 


Use an HDMI Type A cable with your camera cage or rig with this Ultra-Slim Female HDMI Type A to Male Micro-HDMI Type D Adapter Cable from SmallRig. The adapter cable features a female HDMI Type A connector on one end and a male Micro-HDMI Type D connector on the other end to fit a variety of cameras.


The female end of the adapter cable features two 1/4"-20 threads to attach to a cage, bracket, or rig, and the threads measure 0.35" apart from center-to-center. This flexible, ultra-slim PVC cable measures only 0.1" in diameter and measures 5.6" in length. 

SmallRig Ultra-Slim HDMI to Micro-HDMI Adapter