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While neither red in color, nor technically a weapon, nor something that floats like a balloon, this camera does have, nevertheless, one bright, dangerously powerful, Einstein-meets-Orson Welles brain, which captures images that do often evoke comically high-pitched oohs and ahhs. 


The RED WEAPON HELIUM S35 is a high-resolution cinema camera that can capture images up to 8K. Which means you can get 4 times the resolution of DCI 4K and still images up to 35.4MP. While other RED cameras use sensors larger than Super 35, the HELIUM is unique in that it allows for high-resolution 8K recording while using classic cinema lenses designed for the Super 35 film format. While 8K exhibition is not mainstream, the extra recorded resolution is helpful for VFX artists and future-proofing your productions for a time when 8K is standardized. 


It also has better low light performance and a greater dynamic range and since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. 


The HELIUM can handle 300 MB/s transfer rates, which allows you to record REDCODE RAW files at the highest quality, while also recording ProRes proxy files in 422 HQ, 422, and 422 LT at 4K resolutions.


The Weapon also features an interchangeable OLPF system, so you can get the best looking footage, based on the shooting environment. 


With its woven carbon-fiber build, it's lightweight and compact for those long days of handheld or Easy Rigging, while still providing high level cinema quality. 


For a deeper dive down the technical rabbit hole, click here.


    • RED Weapon Brain

    • DSMC2 Red Volt Expander Module

    • RED Gold Mount Battery Module

    • DSMC2 Sidekick Module

    • PL or EF Mount

    • RED Pro 5" LCD Touchscreen

    • (2) RED 480GB Mini Mags

    • RED Mini Mag USB 3.1 Reader

    • RED Volt Battery & Charger

    • (2) Anton Bauer HC Gold Mount Batteries

    • Anton Bauer Dual Gold Mount Charger

    • AC Power Adapter

    • Arri Cineplate with 19mm Baseplate & Dovetail

    • Arri Top Plate and Handle w/ 15mm Monitor Bracket