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They’re not just for presidents and news anchors anymore! 


The PT-ELITE-V2 Travel Kit from ikan includes the Elite V2 Universal Tablet Teleprompter and a rolling hard case. It supports standard-size tablets ranging from 5 x 7.5 to 8 x 10.5" in size. The Elite V2 is a 15mm rod-based system, and it works with cameras from small mirrorless to mid-level camcorder sizes. The 70/30 beamsplitter glass, housed in an adjustable frame with a magnetic hood allows your talent to read the prompter text from up to 20' away, depending on the size of your tablet/iPad.

iKan Elite V2 Teleprompter

    • PT-ELITE-V2 Teleprompter

    • Baseplate

    • 15mm Rods