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The universe may be expanding, but there’s no doubt that space on builds and rigs is prime real estate that’s always shrinking. 


The Gold mount Helix 9 Mini 98Wh Dual-Voltage Battery from Core SWX is a professional battery designed for modern production workflows involving a wide range of equipment. The compact design means the battery takes up less space than previous-generation models to better fit gimbal stabilizers and other rigs where space is at a premium. Though the design is less space-consuming, the Helix 9 Mini provides the same 98Wh capacity as its predecessors. 


To support various equipment types from small accessories to larger cinema cameras and lights, the Helix 9 Mini supports a 12.8A, 14.8V continuous draw, and it also provides simultaneous dual-voltage output with a maximum load of 6A at 28V and a maximum load of 12A at 14V.

Core SWX Helix 9 Mini Quad Kit

    • (4) Core SWX Helix 9 Mini Batteries (Gold Mount)

    • (1) Core SWX Fleet Micro Quad Charger