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In the right scenario, this piece of gear will prove to be the “haw” to your camera’s “yee.”


The black Cinesaddle Tinysaddle Camera Mount supports cameras up to DSLRs or mirrorless on a soft adaptable water-resistant canvas saddle. You can think of the Tinysaddle as a pillow to rest your camera on while operating it when not mounted on a tripod. The Tinysaddle is shaped to cradle your camera and works as a mounting platform that conforms to oddly shaped terrain, although you can use it on flat surfaces as well. The Tinysaddle is not a stabilizer; however, it will absorb vibrations, making it well suited for moving platforms such as cars. The Tinysaddle features a semi-detachable shoulder strap, with a quick release buckle on one end.

Cinesaddle Tinysaddle Camera Mount