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The amount of scientific nerdery that goes into the chain of protocol conversion via this tiny cube is incredibly complicated. Luckily, using the device is anything but.


The ARRI LCUBE CUB-1 Serial Converter changes LBUS protocols to serial protocols and vice versa. This multi-purpose protocol converter can be used for different functions in various camera setups. Use the CUB-1 and one or more cforce motors (not included) to connect a UDM-1 Distance Measure to an ALEXA Mini. The CUB-1 will also enable ARRI electronic control system accessories such as Master Grips to communicate with select 3rd-party cameras.


A vari-colored LED indicates the status of the CUB-1's SETUP button. A quick-release bracket with a 3/8"-16 screw is included with the converter.